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Changing The Way
College Consulting Is Done

Here’s how:

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College Fit Analysis

Our approach uses personality data and comprehensive college reports to answer the key question: “Which university is right for me?”.

Let’s face it… No matter how prestigious a university or how much scholarship money is thrown your way or how many generations in your family attended… if it doesn’t “feel” right it is not going to work! Finding the right culture and environment are critical in diminishing the risk associated with this social experiment.

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Admissions & Essay Counseling

Deadlines, college essays, application organization, college interview prep, and extracurriculars are all steps toward fulfilling one’s academic goals. We help with it all, and are beside you the whole way!

Our college admissions consulting process gives students a competitive advantage, opening the door to their best-fit universities.

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Internships & Career Exploration

Career exploration before choosing a university or major is so very important in moving forward with confidence.

The career you find yourself in is most likely something you don’t even know exists. Experiential partnerships with Real Frequency means less time wondering and more time discovering!

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Scholarships & Aid

Real Frequency College Consulting not only helps students target schools that fit their ability but maximizes aid and scholarship so students won’t limit their choices to a budget.

Money or the lack thereof should never drive your choice in which university to attend. Scholarships and financial aid widen the horizon of possibility for students, giving them access to universities they may not have considered.

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There’s nothing more exciting than visualizing and planning your bright future, but sometimes we need a little more guidance.

My name is Evan Moore, founder of Real Frequency College Consulting.

I know what an exhilarating, joyful, and stressful (sometimes painstaking) time the college application process is for many families. The college selection, admissions requirements, and cost concerns – albeit an exciting new chapter – can be riddled with questions, unknowns and pitfalls that put unnecessary strain on you, your student, and your relationship.

Real Frequency is here for parents and students alike. My team and I take a comprehensive approach to evaluating strengths, weaknesses, desires, intrinsic gifts, and goals. We cover it all – from career path attainment to major/minor selection; from “what school fits me best” to “how the heck am I going to pay for it?”

Contact me today to schedule your free initial consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your Real Frequency.

Evan Moore

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