Our Story

Evan with wife Jana

Evan with loving and supportive wife Jana.

Letter From the Founder

With 1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt, national state college graduation rates at a dismal 33%, and 2 million students dropping out each year … it is time for a new perspective.

I started Real Frequency as I discovered a great need for students and parents to have added guidance through the high school, college, and career transition. With much concern over these baffling statistics, I dug deep and dedicated my career to find resolutions.

This time in the lives of parents and their students can be extremely stressful. Complexities in these areas of our life can hamper persistence, success, and rob us of joy and excitement that should be associated with this journey. Many times RF clients come to us with frustrations, anxiety, and hurdles that are unhelpful in the pursuit of their goals and dreams. RF clients are inclined to foster a healthy relationship between parental guidance, their own wants and needs, and the choices they make.

Whether the plan is to attend a 4-year, 2 year, technical certification program, or take a gap year – we understand the importance of helping students avoid making mistakes or getting too overwhelmed to focus on what truly drives them to succeed and follow their educational path to a fruitful career. Real Frequency serves under the guidance of our clients.

We take great care in listening – as each need is specific in that a resolution to a problem or a goal to be achieved cannot be solved with one prescribed answer. Consultations will be tailor-made to fit each individual and sociological situation to achieve maximum frequency, clarity, success, and most importantly, fun.

Where Did The Name Real Frequency Come From?

It is important to know that humans display five different types of electrical frequencies or “brain waves” across the cortex. It is also important to know our name is more philosophical than scientific but it is in the science where we find harmony and balance in our school of thought.

Each brain wave maintains a particular frequency sending signals to the body to encourage a desired outcome or response. These frequencies are measured in Hertz. Each activity, subject in school, hobby, friendship, family dynamic, music/entertainment, and career garners a different frequency for different people.

Your Real Frequency is the inner signal that makes you happy, intrinsically valued, and motivated to persist.

It is critical to find each individual’s unique real frequency to discover what may motivate them and what may not before embarking on any educational investment and journey.

All too often students have not found their Real Frequency prior to leaving home after high school … making them yet another statistic.

What is your Real Frequency?

I look forward to working with you on finding your frequency and assisting in making this complex journey smooth, exciting, and joyful!

– Evan