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These services cannot be effectively delivered by one person working independently. It takes a team of experts working together to do this right.

Did you know we hire current and recently graduated college students?

RF not only assists students in finding their intrinsic drive to succeed, our headquarters is a place they can thrive, learn, and contribute with their valuable experiences!

Chad rock climbing

Evan Moore

President / Managing Director, RFCCC Inc.

I take great pride in connecting with my clients, team, and those in our education community that make things happen for themselves and others. That is what RF is all about!

I am obsessed with slalom waterskiing. My Real Frequency is on fire when I am behind the boat in the course. The whole world washes away. It is the ultimate exercise in balance and focus for your mind, body, and spirit. I love a challenge… on and off the water. There is nothing a human with determination and help can’t achieve.

Ed.D Doc Candidate Idaho State University
M.A. Gonzaga University
B.S. Granite State College U.N.H.

Chad rock climbing

Chad Clay

Director of Operations / Secretary, RFCCC Inc.

Chad is all about the future and success of Real Frequency clients. He focuses on the importance of getting everything possible out of the college experience and helps students with life after graduation. He is a staunch advocate for individuals discovering and understanding their strengths and using those to find success.

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, an athlete, and an academic, Chad knows how critical it is for students to be connected to athletics at all levels when first hitting the ground at their college or university. In fact, it can be a key to success not just for the physical benefits but more importantly for connecting with others, building lifelong friendships, and supporting mental health.

From coaching lacrosse to skiing to canyoneering… you name it, the guy is usually down for giving it a try and does it with a 100-dollar smile.

M.B.A. University of Virginia – Darden School of Business
B.A. University of Notre Dame

Chad rock climbing

Jennifer Schneider

RF College Consultant

I am an East Coast Transplant who has come to love all of the amazing outdoor adventures that the PNW (Pacific Northwest for those far away) has to offer – from Nordic and downhill skiing to whitewater rafting and biking. When I am not enjoying the mountains and rivers I am often cooking, or baking with my boys. This is where my Real Frequency peaks.

I really enjoy working and connecting with students and am thrilled to carry that over to college consulting for High School students. Finding schools that will be a great match for them, deescalating family stress, aiding in student success and doing it with purpose is my dream job!

B.A. Oberlin College

Chad rock climbing

Leonard Lambert

RF Essay Specialist

As an educator, Certified Life Coach, and freelance writer and author, I love helping individuals find hope and direction in a world filled with uncertainty and chaos. Few things in life are as fulfilling as helping people find their true paths.

I find I am most in tune with my true self when I am hiking in my two favorite places, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. The exhilaration of exploring nature and finding its hidden treasures tunes me into my Real Frequency. It takes dedication and perseverance to complete the 6-mile, steep, uphill hike to Ptarmigan Tunnel, but overcoming that challenge makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!

M.A. University of Idaho
B.A. University of Idaho

Chad rock climbing

Brynn Hand

RF College Consultant

As an educator and tutor, I greatly enjoy helping students achieve academic success. I believe this can propel students into a multitude of amazing experiences! My goal is to build meaningful relationships, inspire confidence and pride, and empower students’ love for lifelong learning – in and out of the classroom.

I am a Northwest native whose real frequency can be found in the mountains and rivers of Montana. I love kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping, and birdwatching! I am energized when sharing my love for the outdoors with my students, family, and canine soulmate, Ty.

OSPI Residency Teacher Certified
M.Ed. Moreland University

B.A. Carroll College

Chad rock climbing

Mark Lootens

RF CAN Club Sports and International University Consultant

I am a Canadian who loves outdoor sports and recreation, maple syrup and sitting down and relaxing on the chesterfield after a hard day’s work, eh. Activities that get 100% of my focus is where I find my Real Frequency. For me that can be many things, but is most often education, sports, learning a new skill, or trying to keep up with my wife and dog in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

One thing that tunes me into my Real Frequency is helping others succeed. Having been educated on both sides of the 49th parallel, I look forward to sharing my insights and experiences to help those who are considering hopping the border for university from and to Canada.

M.A. Gonzaga University
B.S University of Lethbridge

Chad rock climbing

Jimmy Smith

RF Sports Consultant
D – I – II – III – Club

I am a native Washingtonian, but have been all over North America for my schooling and work. I have been a part of higher education since my first days of undergraduate school to my current gig as an Associate Professor in the Sport Management department at Gonzaga University. I am truly blessed to be able to work with college students on a daily basis and help guide them to find their own real frequency in life, through sport or whatever they enjoy.

After graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and finishing my career as a collegiate athlete, I find new ways to continue to be active. Whether its training for a triathlon, playing intramural sports with my graduate students, or going on a hike with my kids, it doesn’t really matter, I like to be active, but also find time to relax. I really enjoy playing and coaching sports. Recently I have been fortunate to be able to coach my kids as well as local high school students.

Ph.D. University of Alberta (Sport Management)
M.A. Central Michigan University (Sport Administration)
B.S. University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Kinesiology)