Why Real Frequency?

We Are Attentive and Personalized

Real Frequency College Consulting Company is based in Spokane, Washington and we service clients nationwide.

We work with students face-to-face, giving them as much attention as they need to help get them into their best-fit university and then transition them into a career in which they will flourish and succeed.

We start every consultation by first learning about the goals, talents, and concerns of our clients and their family.

By learning about their goals and talents first, We can use RF’s resources and industry experience to set them on a path that is fulfilling to the student, practical, and financially rewarding for everyone.

Q: “Do I need to live in your area to get your help?”
A: Not at all! We have college counseling clients in many different states. By using video chat software, like Zoom™, we can have those face-to-face meetings that help us understand their goals and talents.

We Help You Get Organized

Managing the college search and selection process, scheduling meetings with advisors, blocking off time to apply for college scholarships, grants, and extracurricular programs, all takes time, energy, and often involves high stakes.

When Real Frequency takes charge of the organizational process, parents can rest easy and relax, knowing that their student is applying to their best-fit colleges and that they will never miss a deadline or an appointment.

Q: “What is a best-fit college?”
A: Organizing college applications means only applying to colleges that provide the resources, programs, and culture where a particular student will thrive. Rather than targeting “dream schools”, we select colleges for our clients that match their talents and personality. This is why our clients are so much more likely to graduate on time and transition into a career quickly.

Q: “As a parent, will I still have a say in the planning process?”
A: Absolutely. Of course, we work with the student most closely, but it is imperative to have parent input when needed. This is a team effort and we get all the players involved. A Real Frequency College Consultant is a piece to a broader puzzle, helping navigate the process and taking the brunt of the stress off of the client and family so they can focus on important things.

We Position Students For Career Success

We help students into impactful internships.

Internships are critical, not just to get job experience but to discover if a particular career is even worth pursuing. Many internships are gained in the student’s senior year in high school a year or two before a major has to be declared. This leaves plenty of time for the student to say “Heck yes! What’s next?” or “I’m over it!”

We help students build their professional network.

Our clients are connected with professionals in their career field of interest outside of their internship. They are able to ask candid questions with proven successful professionals that have walked in the shoes that the student is about to.

Q: “How long does it take for your students to start seeing results?”
A:  Great Question! College and career success is a marathon not a race. We evolve, mature, and change our minds. Guidance is critical through this process, and I am happy to help students along the way. I have seen students rocket into high paying, well-fitting roles, and I have seen students take their time, experimenting with different careers and subjects. Every journey is different.

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